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Mikroliz Biotechnology Receives Award from the Journal Global Health & Pharma

Global Health & Pharma’s sixth annual Biotechnology Awards – Mikroliz Biyoteknoloji has been successful this year, and have been awarded: Bacteriophage Bank of the Year 2021 Award for Excellence in Multi-Drug Resistant Nosocomial Infection Control 2021 Mikroliz Biotechnology was recognized as the “Bacteriophage Bank of the Year 2021” in the Biotechnology Awards category of Global Health & Pharma.

Mikroliz was named as finalist for Doktorclubs Awards

Mikroliz has earned a spot as a finalist for DOCTORCLUB AWARDS 2020 in the Health Initiative Awards of the Year – Finalists of the Year R&D / Innovation Practice category.

Mikroliz Biotechnology Founder Medine Çotak Visited Iğdır University Rector.

Mikroli Biotechnology company owner Medine Çotak, visited Iğdır University Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Hakkı Alma at his office. During the meeting, details of the TÜBİTAK 2244 University-Industry Cooperation Project were discussed. During the meeting held at the Rectorate Office, Rector Prof. Dr. Alma expressing his satisfaction with the visit of Medine Çotak, one of the …

Mikroliz won the first prize at IVEK Bio 2018 International Congress

Mikroliz Biotechnology has been recognized with an award in IVEK (Pharmaceuticals Pharmacy Health Science and Technologies Foundation ) Bio 2018 organization in the Start-Up category.